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Joseph Buckler

Composition, Sound & Performance.

For screen, games, theatre, immersive, exhibitions, art, brands and listening.

Joseph Buckler - Composer, Soundscape Artist & Musical Director, Conducting.
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Credits & Projects


Vicars' Close, Wells, UK - Museums and Exhibitions: Composition, Sound Design, Interpretation Design, Research.

Things I want to Know - Theatre: Musical Direction, Co-Composition, Music Production.

Sculpting Sounds: Musical Director

Selected Previous Work

The Little Prince, The Brewhouse: Musical Direction (Dir. P Burton-Morgan. Comp, Candida Caldicot. Producer: WIll Bourdillon)

Wind in the Willows, The Brewhouse: Musical Direction (Dir. Anna Fox. Producer: WIll Bourdillon)

Walking Against the Wind - Film: Composer. (Dir. Gulliver Moore)

Guys and Dolls - Theatre: Musical Direction (Dir. Fred Owen)

Beast - FullTilt: Composer. Musical Direction. (Dir. Sam Grogan)

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Theatre: Musical Direction (Dir. Kirsty Yates)

Sweeney Todd - Theatre: Musical Direction (Dir. Jim Smith)

Sophist - Film: Composer. (Dir. Daniel Cotterill. Cine. Robert Richards)




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